Artistic inspiration began at an early age for Michael Varoudakis. Growing up in Newburyport, MA, he was influenced by his high school art teacher Mrs. Evangeline Laganas. Michael was always encouraged by his grandfather Nicholas Dedes. The human figure in motion are the influences for which his portraits continue to define and inspire his work today.

As a young boy, he found his most natural expressions through his innate artistic abilities. Throughout high school, Michael believed that a career in art would be inevitable. He was a fine arts major at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA. He enjoys working with pencils and water colors. Since his time as a student, Michael has built a diverse portfolio of commissioned pieces and has shared his creations with friends and family.

Michael currently resides in Haverhill, MA. He is always working on a fresh new piece. For custom, personal portraits contact Michael at 617-840-1405.