For the new year, Rhythm Cafe is presenting the work of New England native and current North Shore resident Sarah Mack, 43.  A mother of three, Sarah has had a life long passion for art, and she finds relaxation and joy in creating works that both challenge and delight.

While experienced in many mediums, her current passion is the Acrylic Based Fluid medium. With over 25 techniques used in the creation of Fluid Art, the artist is constantly learning, evolving and adapting. It is that creative process that is is recognized by those who admire her work, one such connoisseur had this to say about Sarah’s work, ” The abstract nature of the work challenges you to look at areas within areas of the painting, You get lost in the inner-ness, enthralled in its beauty.”

Last summer she was showcased at Art On The Mall in Newburyport, and you can find her work hanging in Boston restaurants.

Sarah embraces that each piece she creates is unique,” No two pours will ever be the same, there is a lack of control in the art-form that draws me in, the craft of constructing the pour, the prep of the surface, the creation of layers of color, manipulation of light and dark, contrast and shadow are all subject to the randomness of the pour and the elemental process of the work.”