Ken Hilts
Artist Statement and Biography
I’m a photographer that needs to be outside, trying to capture the natural world all around us. Usually that’s an encompassing landscape or a moment with wildlife, but there’s also great beauty to be found by searching for the small and listening for the quiet. Sometimes light from outside will spill inside, and I want to remember how that space was transformed.
Composition helps me to share a scene more concisely, and light and color are the tools that most often come to hand when shaping the final result to match the memory. I try to distill as much as possible into a title and caption for each image – that tiny piece of writing can be a welcome introduction.
My technical foundation wants to make sure that lines are straight and symmetry is well-served, but I’m constantly learning to overcome creative fear by allowing the emotional and personal voices to speak first. I’d like to share the impressions of a place, a moment of time, the feeling of a space, and not a documentary that leaves no room for you.
I hope that these images begin to reveal their stories and inspire your own.
Ken Hilts was born in Oakland, California in 1961, has lived in Oregon, Nebraska, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Morocco; currently lives and works in New England, and has visited all but one of the United States.
Being immersed in these varied landscapes has inspired Ken to tell their stories by sharing their images.
Ken applies creative thought to technology in his work as a medical device electronics engineer, including contributions to the design of artificial hearts, neurostimulators, implantable drug delivery and mobile CT scanners.
Ken has just started exhibiting his photographic work; his website at features landscapes, wildlife, flora, and the interaction of our structures with natural light.
Contact Information: Ken Hilts / Fuzzy Imaging 1 Ahern Circle, Merrimac, MA 01860 (978) 853-5077