Maureen and Leslie

Maureen Wimmer is a lifelong artist and crafter. With nature, home, and family as her major inspirations, Maureen has transformed paint, canvas, fabric, felt, paper, stone and photos into treasured timepieces that collectors of her work revere. Infused with light and optimism, Maureen’s pieces lift spirits and bring a sense of peace.

The mixed media works Maureen presents here are all truly one of a kind, created with heart, instinct and verve from bits and pieces of the world around her.

Leslie Fowler started making puzzle mirror frames to trick herself into feeling that her obession with jigsaw puzzles was not the massive waste of time that it seemed to be. Through assembling, dissembling and reconfiguring vintage and contemporary puzzles, Leslie creates sweet vignettes of a time gone by as well as unexpected patterns of color and depth.

For inspiration, Leslie has the good fortune to need look no further than to her mother, Maureen Wimmer, for absolutely her entire life.


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